The goal for the "Success in the Swiss labour market" event is achieved!

What a great idea was to attend the "Success in the Swiss labour market" event as I gained an overall engaging experience.

Apart from the fact I've collected a lot of useful inputs about job search in the competitive Swiss market, I accomplish one more priceless goal. I freed myself of the conviction that getting the job here is mission impossible.

Conquering the first milestone

So, let's cut to the chase.

Speakers Philippe Moser from Ostendis and Jeremy Grob from Lionstep, both experts in the recruiting industry, gave us an insight into the digital background of looking for a job. They showed how to outwit the Applicant tracking software system (ATS), which represents the first obstacle to getting the job. We learned how to use the right keywords and how important is the first impression we leave on recruiters with our resumes.

Don't skip steps

The host Claudia Scherrer Domingos shed the light on both sides of that process. The job of job searching and hiring the right candidate must always be successful if we follow all the required steps.

"I would like to emphasize the crucial importance of networking for the success in the Swiss labour market.", said Scherrer Domingos.

She explained humans are a key factor behind both sides of the process. Without utilizing networking, access to the hidden job market, which contains around 80 percent of the open job positions, stays closed.

Key activities

The two experts in networking described the way how networking is done. Manuela Leonhard, a well-known Swiss influencer and assistant to the Mayor of Zürich, gave us additional motivation for successful networking. It goes "Everyone you ever meet knows something you don't know (yet).". As an expat herself, Alexandra Lang clarified the right way to approach people in Switzerland.

The part of the event I really liked and where I learned a lot about how to get the job was speed counselling. Jeremy Grob, called the LinkedIn guy among our group of job searchers (although he doesn't work for that social network for professionals), practiced a great deal of patience in answering our specific questions. We shared a good laugh with Phillippe Moser and Tanja Suter from Ostendis.

A grand finale

After finishing the official part of the event, the opportunity to show our networking skills started.

And... we nailed it.

It was a simple task in the beautiful space of Hotel Kameha Grand in Glattbrugg, with a good snack and wine.

And how I concluded one may ask?

Well, let me say I landed a job interview. So, I pulled my foot back to Switzerland as it was already standing toward exiting.