So, this is the way of how will inspire you and motivate you:

 In her keynote speech, and during the speed consultations, Claudia Scherrer, will teach you about three keys to your motivation at work. As a well-known expert in job dismissal and job application journey in the Swiss market, she will infuse everybody with her positive and appreciative energy. With joy and fun, she will provide pragmatic tools to implement in your daily business.

 Another keynote speaker, LinkedIn expert, and business coach Cécile Jemmett will reveal a way how to rule your network. Instead, just being present on a professional network won't convince clients or employers that you and your service can help them. Missing her speed consulting wouldn't be a smart decision, for sure.

 Who can better influence you than Marc Gisin, a top skiing athlete who shook off all unjust adversity? With his straight words in the keynote speech and speed counselling, he is going to share his recipes for success and the ways how to get up as many times as necessary.

The force that pushes humans into actions is motivation. That is the fundamental reason we are organising an event, "Motivation in the Swiss labour market". We will provide this key factor and the imperative of professional prosperity. On you is just to come. Together with the networking part, a new stage of career progress is a guarantee.

Besides the mental readiness to succeed and a mission to accomplish, motivation depends on external influences. So, to not to overlook the importance of inspiration, we bring you a broad range of experts who will do just that: They will make your move!

Along with these extraordinary professionals, in the speed counselling part of our event, there will be even more experienced experts.

 It couldn't be a better opportunity than this to pose a question to the mentor for CEOs and entrepreneurs and the presenter of LangLiveTV. Alexandra Lang will motivate you to gain long-term customers and to specialise yourself in high-quality appointments.

 As an expat himself, and the man who believes in diversity and cross-functional collaboration, Christian Juul Norholt will hold a speed counselling session. His experience is well proved during his 20 years long career. Senior manager and consultant in international pharmaceutical companies will motivate you to push yourself through the net of the complex business world. How did he accomplish such a brilliant career? Ask him by yourself at his speed counselling session and let him inspire you.

 From where the greatest inspiration to succeed in your professional life can come than from a person who accomplished an amazing result. Stefan Staubli's rate of success in reintegration of people who suffer from paraplegia amounts to 65 per cent. Sometimes called a magic man, will use his speed counselling session to motivate you to recognise the change as an opportunity. In his opinion, work doesn't involve just securing employment. It is more about belonging and serving a greater good.

Of course, this is not everything we are "cooking" for you at this event.

To discover other surprises, and to meet great people that are not connected just to one industry, one vocation, even for one particular interest; come to our event.

Get the things done the smart way. Start with us and reap all motivational and networking benefits.

For the end, I couldn't better conclude this blog post with none but the greatest one. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said:

"Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.".